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Why Rent

Benefits of Renting Versus Lease/Purchase

Assistance from experienced & professional staff:

Renting not only helps reduce costs, it also provides access to expert knowledge and training. It allows customers to take advantage of staff professionals who will:

  • Access and secure the right equipment for the job
  • Offer a wide variety of specialized and modern equipment
  • Hertz Equipment Rental offers specialized equipment applications, such as aerial specialists, pump & power, trucks, earthmoving and more.

Renting allows the customer to take on a wide variety of jobs and projects that may require equipment that they don’t have the capital to purchase

  • Seasonal and large jobs require specialize equipment that can be obtained byrenting
  • Renting allows for equipment to be available whenand where needed
New Equipment

Hertz Equipment Rental makes significant annual investments in the newest, most advanced equipment on the market Other Benefits.

Other Benefits
  • Environmentally Friendly – “Clean & Green”
  • Because rental equipment is newer, renting instead of buying insures that customers have access to the most fuel-efficient and emission controlled equipment on the market
  • All rental stores in California with certain types of equipment are required to be in compliance with CARB regulations
  • These regulations can be implemented in other parts of the U.S.